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30mL Pure Cannabis Derived Terpenes (Strain Specific)
30mL Pure Cannabis Derived Terpenes (Strain Specific)
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30mL Pure Cannabis Derived Terpenes (Strain Specific)

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Make your DIY products taste and smell wonderful, whether they be vape pens, cannabis inspired spirits and beverages, topicals or edibles, we have delicious Organically extracted Pure Cannabis Terpenes for you. 

These are NOT steam distilled, rather they are extracted through a proprietary process developed by pharma scientists to include the whole volatile matrix, capturing the whole essence of the flower!

These terpenes are available in 2mL($17.48/mL), 5mL($15.50/mL), 10mL($13.50/mL) and 30mL($12/mL) bottles (listed separately) to accommodate any level of consumer. Our list of available strains include:

Afgoo “Afgooey” aka Afghan Goo | Pure Terpenes | Indica
Blue Dream | Pure Terpenes | Sativa Hybrid
Blueberry OG Kush | Pure Terpenes | Indica Hybrid
ChemDawg | Pure Terpenes | Hybrid
Cherry Pie | Pure Terpenes | Indica Hybrid
Clementine | Pure Terpenes | Sativa
Death Star | Pure Terpenes | Indica
Dosi Mango | Pure Terpenes | Indica
Durban Poison | Pure Terpenes | Sativa
Forbidden Fruit | Pure Terpenes | Indica
Fruity Zkittlez | Pure Terpenes | Hybrid
Ghost Train Haze | Pure Terpenes | Sativa
Gorilla Glue GG4 | Pure Terpenes | Hybrid
Granddaddy Purple | Pure Terpenes | Indica
Green Crack aka Green Crush | Pure Terpenes | Sativa Hybrid
GSC Girl Scout Cookies | Pure Terpenes | Indica Hybrid
Jack Herer | Pure Terpenes | Sativa Hybrid
King Louis XIII | Pure Terpenes | Indica
Lemon Sour Diesel | Pure Terpenes | Sativa Hybrid
Mango Tango | Pure Terpenes | Indica Hybrid
Mimosa | Pure Terpenes | Sativa
Northern Lights | Pure Terpenes | Indica
Orange Crush aka Orange Soda | Pure Terpenes | Hybrid
Pineapple Express | Pure Terpenes | Sativa Hybrid
Purple Punch | Pure Terpenes | Indica
Rainbow Sherbert | Pure Terpenes | Hybrid
Skywalker OG | Pure Terpenes | Indica Hybrid
Strawberry Cough | Pure Terpenes | Sativa Hybrid
Sunset Gelato | Pure Terpenes | Indica Hybrid
Super Lemon Haze | Pure Terpenes | Indica Hybrid
Thin Mint Cookies | Pure Terpenes | Hybrid
Trainwreck | Pure Terpenes | Sativa Hybrid
Tropical Trainwreck | Pure Terpenes | Hybrid
Wedding Cake | Pure Terpenes | Indica Hybrid
White Widow | Pure Terpenes | Sativa Hybrid
WiFi White Fire OG | Pure Terpenes | Indica Hybrid

Always dilute into a product before using these terpenes, never consume terpenes in their raw form. Pure terpenes are very volatile, always store your terpenes in a cool dark place with the lid fastened tightly to avoid degradation. This product contains less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC in compliance with the 2018 Farm Bill.

Category: Hemp Terpenes