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CBDa / CBGa / CBCa Hemp Capsules
CBDa / CBGa / CBCa Hemp Capsules CBDa / CBGa / CBCa Hemp Capsules
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CBDa / CBGa / CBCa Hemp Capsules

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These capsules are a new, efficient way to consume the raw & potent acid forms of hemp cannabinoids!

CBDa, CBGa, and CBCa are raw cannabinoids that are produced by the hemp plant. Raw cannabinoids are any cannabinoid that has a carboxylic acid still attached to its molecular structure. 

The cannabinoids that you are most familiar with, such as CBD, CBG, and THC, are decarboxylated. To decarboxylate a cannabinoid, you have to activate it with heat, which is most commonly done through smoking, vaping, or heat added during processing the ingredients in hemp products.

An exciting new study conducted by researchers at Oregon State University has shown that consuming cannabinoids can block multiple COVID-19 variants from binding to cells. Check out our blog post for more information about the study.

The bottles come in a 30 count for a standard month's amount. Capsules are 0.5 g each. The cannabinoid breakdown per capsule is as follows:
22 mg CBDa
17 mg CBGa
2 mg CBCa


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