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mother of millions kalanchoe plant
mother of millions kalanchoe plant mother of millions kalanchoe plant flowers mother of millions kalanchoe plant
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Mother of Millions Plant (Kalanchoe delagoensis)

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Mother of millions, or Kalanchoe delagoensis, also called the chandelier plant, is a succulent native to Madagascar. This drought tolerant plant can grow up to 6’ tall and has tubular leaves that can reach between 2-5”. 

The nickname “chandelier plant” comes from the way the trumpet-shaped flowers grow in a circular cluster on top of tall stalks at the end of the stems. The fragrance-free blooms appear anywhere from late winter to early summer outdoors, but are very rare indoors. Their color can range from pale salmon, to hot pink, or bright orange.

The common nickname comes from its unique ability to produce small plantlets, or pups, on the end of the leaves. Left untended, these babies will fall off and root to create a huge number of new plants.

Kalanchoe can be grown indoors as a houseplant or outside while temperatures remain above freezing. The ideal temperature range for a mother of millions plant is between 60-95°F. They will stop growing when it falls below 50°F, and can suffer damage, or even die if exposed to cooler temps for extended periods of time. Always bring them indoors when temperatures begin to drop in the fall. During extreme heat waves, you may need to water them more frequently.

It’s important that your mother of millions receives 4-6 hours of bright light a day to keep the marbling pattern. With too little they can become leggy and pale. Outdoors in the summer, place them in a bright partial shade location that’s protected from the hot afternoon sun.

Kalanchoe delagoensis doesn’t like wet feet. Wait until the soil is dry several inches down before giving it a drink, and always drain any excess from the pot. It’s important to avoid overwatering, which can lead to drooping leaves or shedding pups, and eventually root rot.

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