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  • dream herb calea
  • dream herb calea
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Dream Herb (Calea zacatechichi)


Please read shipping information at the bottom.

Dream Herb (Calea zacatechichi) is native to Central America, and mainly grows on the highlands of Mexico and Costa Rica. Calea is an herb that reportedly results in intense and clear dreams.  Dream herb seems to be linked to increased dream recall or simply an awareness that you are dreaming. 

Calea zacatechichi can be grown in relatively low-light conditions, which makes it very easy to care for. It will do fine in most window lighting. It also does well outdoors or under fluorescents. Usually more light will give you darker and thicker leaves. It is a shrub with a height of 32 to 48 inches when full grown. It has yellowish flowers. This herb does not tolerate frost and temperatures below freezing.

Plants are grown and shipped in 2" peat plugs. Please transplant the plug into a container of soil and water immediately upon arrival.

NOTE: Live plants are shipped ONLY on Tuesday of each week. If your order is received by Sunday, it will ship out on the following Tuesday. 


  • Hemp CBD Sauce
  • Hemp CBD Sauce
  • Hemp CBD Sauce
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Hemp CBD Sauce



Hemp CBD Sauce is intended for dabbing, vaping, or complementing other essential oils.  A very concentrated product, one gram of CBD sauce contains approximately 600 mg CBD.  ONLY contains cannabinoids & terpenes extracted from hemp on our farm.  No fillers or dilutants.   Available in 3 strain specific varieties: Lemon Grass, OG, and Spectrum

  • 600 mg CBD per gram
  • <0.3% delta-9-THC