The Hemp Mine Genetics

Our 2022 Genetics Catalog is here! Browse through and learn about The Hemp Mine's breeding program and the trusted and trialed genetics we provide to the hemp industry. Contact us at for more information or to place an order.


New for 2022! The Hemp Mine now offers seed packets for growers in addition to liners and unrooted cuttings. We have regular seed crosses available for purchase now, and in May our Peach Haze will be available as feminized seed. 

The Hemp Mine has also formed a distribution and breeding partnership with High Alpine Genetics, a family-owned hemp and cannabis breeding company based in Colorado. By collaborating with highly reputable companies such as High Alpine Genetics, we can expand our offering of quality smokable hemp flower seed to customers for the 2022 growing season and beyond. Check out their high CBD feminized seed varieties in 30 & 100 count packs below.

Our first collaboration currently underway is crossing The Hemp Mine's sweet diesel Peach Haze with Alpine Hemp's beautiful purple Alpen Gleaux.

offshore calm ginger cbd
offshore calm ginger cbd
offshore calm ginger cbd
offshore calm ginger cbd
offshore calm ginger cbd

Offshore Calm provides soothing relief from motion sickness in an all natural formula that combines the power of Broad Spectrum CBD and Organic Ginger.  Great for any kind of travel.  Offshore Calm is available in our full sized one ounce bottle.  Turbulent cross country flight?  A day riding roller coasters with the kids?  That long awaited fishing charter?  Be ready with Offshore Calm.   It’s smooth seas no matter how you travel:  air, land, or water. 

500mg Broad Spectrum CBD /  17mg per ml

Contains non-detectable levels of THC

Organic Ginger Extract

About Broad Spectrum:
Through a proprietary chemical free process developed by our own Dr. Allison Justice, the THC levels are taken from the usual less than 0.3% down to NON-DETECTABLE DELTA-9-THC levels.  This is why we call this formula “broad spectrum”, since the delta-9-THC is essentially removed.  We bottle our premium broad spectrum extract in our signature matte black bottle to protect it from light and degradation of the compounds inside.  Scan the QR code on the bottle for product 3rd party ISO certified lab report.