Hemp Dog Walker 0.5 gram single
Hemp Dog Walker 0.5 gram single
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Hemp Dog Walker 0.5 gram single

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NOTE: We do not ship hemp flower products to the following states due to their laws regarding flower:  Alabama, Idaho, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Nebraska, South Carolina, South Dakota & Texas.  We DO ship non-flower products to all states except Idaho, Nebraska & South Dakota.

One half gram (0.5 g) of premium flower is ground to uniform size for superior smoking with less running and “going out”. Our pre-rolled products contain pure ground buds, not trim, not shake, only premium ground flower.  Available in the different strains shown in the selection drop down box.  Each tube contains one 0.5 gram preroll.

  • Janet's G


Contains less than 0.3% THC

SC Farm Mined and Refined