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Ultimate Hemp RSO Bundle
Ultimate Hemp RSO Bundle
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Ultimate Hemp RSO Bundle


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Ultimate Hemp RSO Bundle: Pure, Potent, and Versatile

Experience the Full Spectrum of Benefits with Our Premium Hemp RSO Collection

Product 1: Hemp RSO - Broad Spectrum CBD Oil (600mg/g)
Discover the pure essence of hemp with our Hemp RSO, a potent Broad Spectrum CBD Oil. This product stands out with its unadulterated form, containing 600mg/g of CBD without any dilution. Ideal for those seeking a high concentration of CBD, each 1.0-gram package comes in a syringe for accurate dosing. Whether taken sublingually, mixed in food or drinks, or used in homemade edibles, our Hemp RSO offers versatility and efficiency. It's CO2 extracted and contains non-detectable THC, making it a top choice for purity and quality.

Product 2: Hemp RSO - Full Spectrum CBG and CBD Oil (300mg/g CBG, 300mg/g CBD, 20mg/g CBC)
Elevate your wellness routine with our unique Full Spectrum CBG and CBD Oil. This Hemp RSO variant blends 300mg/g of CBG, 300mg/g of CBD, and 20mg/g of CBC, offering a comprehensive cannabinoid profile. Packaged in a 1.0-gram syringe for precise dosing, this product is perfect for those seeking a balanced cannabinoid experience. With less than 0.3% THC, it's designed to deliver the entourage effect while staying within legal THC limits.

Product 3: Hemp RSO - Full Spectrum CBDV and CBD Oil (250mg/g CBDV, 450mg/g CBD)
Explore the novel benefits of CBDV with our Full Spectrum CBDV and CBD Oil. This Hemp RSO variant features 250 mg/g of CBDV and 450mg/g of CBD, offering a unique combination for enhanced effects. Like its counterparts, it's available in a convenient 1.0-gram syringe and contains less than 0.3% delta-9 THC. Ideal for those interested in exploring the diverse cannabinoids of the hemp plant.

Why Choose Our Hemp RSO Bundle?

  • Pure and potent formulations with high concentrations of cannabinoids.
  • Versatile usage: sublingual intake, food or drink additive, or as a base for edibles.
  • CO2 extraction ensures purity and quality.
  • Convenient packaging with precise dosing.
  • Compliance with THC regulations.

Enhance your wellness journey with our Hemp RSO Bundle, where purity meets diversity. Explore the full spectrum of hemp's benefits today!

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