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Sunset Feminized Seed
Sunset Feminized Seed Sunset Feminized Seed Sunset Feminized Seed Sunset Feminized Seed
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Sunset Feminized Seed

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Our Sunset variety is named after its long photoperiodic response and the high yeild: she is a late bloomer. Whereas most of our varieties set f lower around 14 hours of light, Southern Sunset doesn’t initiate until under 13.5 hours of light. What this means for the farmer is that Sunset can be planted the same time as other varieties, yet it will finish approximately 3-4 weeks later.

This is a great option for staggering harvest and reusing drying space. This is hugely beneficial for regions under the 45th parallel as it will grow vegetatively longer, producing a bigger plant. Above this parallel it can be a risky choice.

A later flower initiation time coincides with a later finish time creating the risk of not finishing prior to frost. Sunset yields beautifully dense, smokable quality flower with a unique aroma of musky lemon. Sunset tests over 2% total terpenes.

TERPENES • ß-Myrcene • a-Humulene • Ocimene

HIGHLIGHTS • Initiates flower late • Musky lemon terpene profile • Enables staggered harvest • Over 2% total terpenes

This variety comes in a 50 pack or 1,000 pack


Category: Hemp Seed