How to Incorporate Cannabis Into Cooking

How to Incorporate Cannabis Into Cooking

With the public perception of cannabis rapidly shifting, we are starting to see adults experimenting in different ways of cannabis consumption. One of the most recent trends in cannabis consumption is making your favorite home-made recipes with a twist: infusing your favorite cannabinoids into them. 

Typically, if you were to make homemade edibles, you would need to go through the process of decarboxylating your cannabis flower. As we mentioned in a previous blog, CBDA and CBGA: A Potential COVID Killer?, the process of decarboxylation involves heating the cannabis molecules so that the carboxylic acid bond can detach, giving you all of the cannabinoids you know and love.

Now if you don’t have the proper equipment or cannabis knowledge this can be pretty overwhelming. Fortunately, we at The Hemp Mine wanted everyone to be able to have the ability to make delicious cannabis infused food and drinks, so we did the hard part for you.

All of our Spice of Life’ culinary products are already infused with decarboxylated CBD and CBG, so it's as easy as just substituting simple ingredients with ours! Keep reading for some cannabis inspired drinks, food, and desserts you can make with our ‘Spice of Life’ products.

The ‘Spice of Life’ Collection

We sell four different types of CBD and CBG infused culinary products: 

  1. Infused Pumpkin Spice
  2. Infused Hot Cocoa Mix
  3. Infused Cinnamon
  4. Infused Demerara Sugar

All of our products are infused with 240mg of CBD and CBG, extracted from our finest southern hemp. Here is our top recommendation for each of our products:

Infused Pumpkin Spice Recommendation

  • Pumpkin Spice Latte - Save time and money by putting your own twist on the infamous cult classic fall drink!

Infused Hot Cocoa Mix Recommendation

  • Hot Chocolate - There is nothing like a classic hot chocolate to warm you up on a chilly day, and best of all this hot cocoa mix will help put you in a good mood!

Infused Cinnamon Recommendation

  • Cinnamon Glazed Chicken Wings - Perfect for cooking out on a nice sunny day and will keep you feeling good!

Infused Demerara Sugar Recommendation

  • For better or worse nearly everything has sugar in it, so we challenge you to make your favorite dessert infused with CBD and CBG… Who knew dessert could get better?!

We hope that you enjoyed our recommendations, and we wish you the best of luck on your cannabis culinary journey. Happy cooking, and don’t forget to preheat your ovens to 420!

FDA Disclaimer:

Products made from the cannabis plant have not yet been tested by the Food and Drug Administration. All health claims relating to cannabis or hemp are anecdotal. Please consult with your doctor before making any lifestyle changes.

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